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Level Rewards

Critical hit damage bonus
For every 10 gained levels up to a maximum level 1000, you will be rewarded permanently with +2% critical extra damage.

Additionally, there are various rewards to be gained every 50 levels, up to level 1000.
Please note: "Permalum Vitae", "Magnus Critica", and "Golden Account Status" will be automatically applied to your character.
Level Reward Level Reward
50 level Equipment bag 550 level
Magic & Melee stone bundle
100 level 10x crystal coins 600 level 1x Music box
150 level 15x crystal coins 650 level
"Permalum Vitae"
200 level Addon doll 700 level
"Magnus Critica"
250 level "Permalum Vitae" 750 level "Statue of Honour"

300 level 1x Music box 800 level
Retro addon doll
350 level
Superior addon doll
850 level
"Magnus Critica"
400 level 25x crystal coins 900 level "Permalum Vitae"
450 level
24 hour xp boost
950 level
The voice in your head
500 level "Permalum Vitae" 1000 level
"Golden Account Status"

Where do item rewards go?

Every item reward will be sent inside your store inbox.