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Grindcores starts in:

Demonic Essence

Demonic essence are a highly valuable currency used in many systems.

Every monster in-game has a chance to drop essence and by default, every dropped essence will be autolooted to your essence pouch.
Your pouch is located inside your store inbox.

Condensed Bottles

You may convert 100x demonic essence into 1x condensed bottle by right clicking on them.
Most NPC's trade using bottles, for example:
SerafinLocated on middle floor of the Inquisition Tower, situated at Thais crossroads
DagomirLocated one floor above the Thais Temple
WobergLocated west of Thais Depot

Essence and bottles are used in the following places..
Inquisition Tower - Serafin sells various character upgrading buffs for bottles.
Theodore buys creature products for essence.

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Temple - Dagomir sells living stones for bottles.
Grizzly Adams buys creature products for essence.

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Blacksmith - Dunkirr buys various pieces of equipment and weapons for bottles.
Sam buys commonly dropped items (e.g. royal helmet) for essence.

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Item Upgrading - Woberg buys and sells item upgrading stones for bottles.
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Alchemy - The alchemist brews flasks which grant temporary buffs for bottles.
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